Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 12-24-2013 11-41-27 PM


The year of 2013 closing has brought destined moments in my life. As the year was drawing to an end I embraced the opportunity to seek new direction in my life. Little did I know that I was about to enter a yet another growing moment in my life. As I pray each  day for God’s guidance and   blessings, I am assured that they will  come as I know that I serve a sovereign God. I have the faith to believe in Him and His purposeful intent in my life.

That is the key …His Intent

I like many will “desire” things of the heart , but we must be mindful that God answers prayers in His own time and in His own manner. So as I prayed for new things, new things came but not in the manner I desired. The challenges of my immediate quest were denied. I suffered, but not more than I could bear.  I sought understanding, but the understanding was higher than my own thoughts. I didn’t accept defeat because my faith endured. I did not crumble in the midst of my battles…I stood. I prayed NOT for a Victory, but FROM the Victory I KNEW would unfold itself. A battle that was already fought and won for me.

Every moment of challenge I endure makes me stronger.

I endure and I receive my blessings.

My blessings are not precisely from  the prayers I prayed  . My blessings are from  the Favor and Grace that God shows in my life for believing in Him and lifting His name to the highest for I know that there is nothing that can  happen in my life that I can’t get through with God on my side.

So I encourage you to STAND in the midst of the storms in your life. Be Encouraged. Have Faith.

Be consistent in your servitude. Know that if you are not coming out of a storm, or You are not in a storm, There is a storm brewing with your name on it. Things will not always be rosy. You will have your trials. It is Not what you go through but How you go through those  moments. 

The close of this year and the birth of the next year is just an ongoing  timeline in your life. Bookmark each moment with the authority that will ensure your victories.

I have…..

I am Blessed to Be a Blessing to Others. I pray that my life will serve a purpose to someone. I offer all that I have been gifted and blessed with unselfishly for I know that I am not the author and creator of my greatness. 

For me each day is a new day of fresh beginnings, new grace,and new mercy. Another day to serve Him.

Blessings in this Holiday Season and The New Year 

Merry Christmas



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I am an Indiana based Christian, Husband, Father, and prior Us Air Force Veteran. I originally began my marketing career in the 1990′s as I embraced a joint opportunity with my parents in support of their marketing efforts with a major corporation. I secured a distributorship and worked it sparingly. My activities were more focused on the indirect mentoring I was receiving through them from some of the big leaders in the business. Being connected to my parents success positioned me to meet great people of leadership. It was exciting for me to see the lifestyles they lived as they traveled all over the world sharing their success and implanting dreams, visions, and possibilities in the lives of others. I too saw the chance to diverse and secure my family’s future. I later independently changed direction trying my skills at offering various products and services with some success. What I discovered was that there are others just like me that were looking for a “niche” to attract others of interest to add value in their lives. In 2010, I came to the realization that people weren’t just looking for “stuff” and those that had “stuff” were looking for “solutions”. People are seeking the most effective means of presenting an offering. People want to know “how” to market. People want to become successful in their efforts.(whatever success means to them) The balance in that equation is not just self gratification, It becomes of value when you can help others. I realized that it is of my God given gift to be of purpose to others. I realized that there are Great People in the world whom are doing Great Things. I have had the privilege to meet several of them. It delights my spirit to be remembered and valued as one of those people. So there came about a paradigm shift within me….. I have channeled into areas of marketing that I feel are good resources to help empower people. Along with those resources I offer my consulting and advisement as a result of the training and knowledge that I have received over my tenure in marketing and promoting. I engage with Business to Business groups I support local companies and organizations I support non for profit groups I support help organizations I collaborate with individuals and companies assisting with promotions, advertising, and branding I recognize people,companies, and groups whom are making a difference in the world right now. Simply Put….I Care…..I am Concerned… I am Sincere….I will take Action Three things: 1. Building Relationships Embracing the opportunity to take the time to get to know who people are and what they have to offer. 2. Creating Alliances To not be bias or prejudice against other offerings if they have merit, good intent, and integrity. 3. Referral Marketing To jointly assist others in promoting good products and services that could be a benefit to someone 4.Living Life to Make a Difference in the world To leave a lasting impression on someone that life for them became better as a result of knowing me. The world is a very big place. There is room enough for us all to exist. We should help, support, and encourage to success. We should build up and not tear down. There is GREATNESS in us all….Let’s Embrace it! At the end of the day there are only (3) things that run through the minds of people when they meet you Who You Are…. What Do You Have… And, Why They Should Want It….. Be of Value To Others Much Success