Support Madison County Humane Society


Support Madison County Humane Society

Support Madison County Humane Society


It gives me pleasure to endorse this organization and its staff.

I have been exposed to animals all of life. In my growing years we didn’t have domestic animals in our home. We did have pets that called our “address” home because it was the place where they ate, played, and reared their young. They depended on our existence not just of domicile. I believe they really liked us as kids. Our home area was a safe place for them to retreat and they were always good for a meal. I remember several other animals that roamed endlessly in the neighborhood with no place to hang their hat. They were shewed away gaining no favoritism. They had to fend for themselves. I am sure they were also subject to mistreatment due to being unwanted. Some of them looked kind of scary to me due to their conditions and I was saddened by others just to know how they suffered. That is present today. You see the same scenario with animals as they wander on the streets of Madison County. Some have been abused, mistreated, and in some cases tortured. Some have been used for gaming and disowned as a result of their spoils. The key word is “inhumane” abuse however you look at it.

Now, I want to say that I am not the one that you will see building a kennel in my back yard to care take these animals. I do applaud an organization like the Madison County Humane Society and its staff for their contribution for the well being of these animals.

So you may ponder ..Do I have animals? …Yes I do!

My family has inherited a few over time. The one that stands out most is our most recent acquisition.  We have brought into the fold of the family one of the chocolate labrador breed. She came to us disowned, wandering, lost, and definitely hungry. We didn’t have to look for her , she found us.

Support Madison County Humane Society

She was only a few months old when she joined the family, but it didn’t take her long in growth and activity to establish her reign as you see now below…..

Support Madison County Humane Society

She joins in rank the other (2) existing pets we have at present, but we all know who is running the show!

Support Madison County Humane Society

I post this article today to again applaud Madison County Humane Society for the work and contributions that they make for animals in this county.

This article is also a thank you for someone in this county who left this life in a heartfelt appreciation for the cause of the Madison County Humane Society, Shirley Sheets.   Mrs. Sheets shared with her son, Jim Sheets, Business Owner and Resident of Madison County, her appreciation for the efforts of the Madison County Humane Society. Jim and I mutually agreed to continue the salute and support of this organization.

Madison County Humane Society…..We Appreciate  All Your Efforts

(To the memory of Shirley Sheets)

For anyone that  would like to pledge support …Click the Text Below


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