Why Spy? Learn the Truth


Why Spy? Learn the Truth 12-12-2013 8-46-23 PM

Why Spy? Learn the Truth


Have you thought of secretly seeing what your child or employee is doing on your distant Computer.

Are you worried about what they are doing on Facebook or Twitter? With whom are they communicating?

What if you could record all activities and watch them from a remote screen LIVE from anywhere!

What if you could get an instant snapshot from the computers webcam?


View screenshots and text logs of activities like chats, websites visited, keystrokes as well as mic recordings and more.

Viewing  activity inside a secure online account.


As I was researching this product to share with you, it caused me to pause for a brief moment of thought.

A product as such as this could be similar to holding a loaded gun. What is your intent?  Do you want to hurt someone or protect yourself?

Business Intent

In some offices throughout the world, employees are given extended privilege access to areas of business communication out of trust courtesy to enable them to complete their job task with more efficiency. In many documented cases, employees have violated that trust to use company provided resources for their own personal indulgences and entertainment that is not company business related.

It is quite unfortunate, with employment at its highest ,that some individuals have chosen to not be of integrity and gratitude for an opportunity for success. The task of company management is demanding enough that there should not be a need to micromanage staff members for diverted activity.

But when that does happen management has no choice ….Why Spy? Learn the Truth

Personal Intent

This need can have infinite use. When someone in your personal life has hedged the trust with you and you feel the need to monitor their activity for inconsistency in their truth saying….That’s too much like work. I don’t want to begin to give you examples of the need for this product application.

But when that does happen…..Why Spy? Learn the Truth

How to Learn the Truth……

Retina-X Studio Software Products

These software products let you monitor your computer, network or smartphone in real time. They offer a complete line of monitoring software products, suited for a wide range of uses.

PC Monitoring, Email Monitoring, Mobile Monitoring, IPad and Android Tablet Monitoring, and Workplace Network Monitoring

Trust is a Treasure to covet…If you are Trustworthy you can go far….But if you are NOT and proof is required

There is a way

Why Spy? Learn the Truth

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